Real name:Christopher Warren
Known aliases:Electrode, Electron,Static,Amp
Base of operations:Chicago
Group affiliations:The Challengers

History:Christopher Warren developed his powers around the same time he hit puberty. His burgeoning super-powers were a secondary concern though.He was also dealing with issues of sexual orientation. As time went on his powers increased,he found them difficult to control .Passers-by would be shocked and any electronic devices he would be near would suddenly fail. He had less trouble concealing his homosexuality.He made a point to continuously have girlfriends during his HighSchool years.When he went away to college in Chicago, he was able to explore his sexuality for the first time. But this was a secret part of his life. He continued to maintain a straight identity in all other social settings.

His powers continued to manifest themselves, and still at inappropriate times.This burden combined with his secret, made for poor grades.Chris eventually dropped out of College.

While working part-time in the mailroom of an ad agency.He encountered a battle in the lobby between The Chicago hero, Predator and the villain Shellshock. Seeing that Predator was losing the fight. Christopher lent him an electrified hand.After apprehending Shellshock ,Predator informed Chris that he was forming a new team. If Christopher was intrested he should show up at the address written on the business card given to him.Chistopher saw this as a chance to finally do something with his electric powers.

His first year with the newly formed Challengers was difficult. He was keeping his Gay life secret from his teammates.He also couldn't seem to find a codename or costume that suit him.He used three different identities in a year and a half. This outward struggle with his identity was most likely a manifestation of his inner struggles.

When a villain named Jolt attacked The Challengers, he was revealed to be Christopher's brother James. During the confrontation James teased and taunted Christopher about his sexuality. (James had discovered Christopher's secret many years ago.)Now Christophers teammates were aware of everything.Embarassed and enraged , Chris attacked James. Locked in battle the combined powers of the two brothers reacted violently. Both were knocked unconcious.When Chris came to, he had to deal with his teammates knowledge of his homosexuality. They were all understanding.

He also had developed a new ability. He could now convert his entire body into an electric form. This new ability prompted him to change his codename and costume yet again. He adopted the name Arc and it seems to fit.

Arc has become something of a gay icon in Chicago especially in the Lakeview and Edgewater neighborhoods. Arc often lends his time and likeness to many gay events in Chicago and beyond. And for the first time ,he seems truly at peace with himself and his place in The Challengers.
His only problem now is finding himself a non-superpowered boyfriend.

Powers:Arc can generate and manipulate electric currents. He can also convert his entire body into an electric form.In this form Arc can travel vast distances at incredible speeds.He can also affect and disrupt electric powered maechanisms.


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Note: *Arc has the distiction of being the only openly gay Hero in the LHU.