Real name:Dwight Edwards
Known aliases:
Base of operations:The Moon (Newton's Crater)
Group affiliations:Hero Force

History:When a group of scientists were permitted to travel to the Moon on The Usher IV space shuttle, Dr. Dwight Edwards was among them.It was his job to collect archeological samples of prior Lunar landings. Even with the months long training prior to the mission, Dr. Edwards soon found himself seperated from his party. Lost on the lunar surface, he eventually stumbled into a crater and fell thousands of feet.There he discovered to his amazement, a golden lantern.The lantern housed a mysterious blue flame.When he touched the lantern,it gave off an azure glow. He wished that he could somehow get it back to the shuttle and instantly he was teleported to his quarters aboard The Usher. Somewhat dazed and with the lantern nowhere to be found, He chalked it up to possible space madness.During The Usher's return to Earth, the shuttle was struck by a meteor and the hull was breached.Instantly the Golden Lantern appeared in Dwight's hand.The shuttle was encased in a blue sphere and safely returned to Earth. The lantern would return again and again to Dwight over the course of weeks,and always to fulfill his wishes or to protect him from harm. He soon learned to control the Lantern's power.
Having nearly limitless power has recently begun to concern Blue Beacon.He fears that he may lose control of the Lantern's power and has begun isolating himself on the Moon.He hopes that by communing with the Blue Flame ,in solitude, he can gain a greater insight into the true nature and origin of the lantern.

Powers:Armed with the latern and mystic blue flame, Blue Beacon can create any object he wishes. There seems to be no limit to the size or shape of the objects created.The Lantern also allows Blue Beacon to teleport himself or others, over vast distances or through dimensions.He also possesses limited flight and levitation capabilities.

Weapons:While not a weapon per se,Blue Beacon's lantern can create anything he wishes.(including any and all weapons)

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