(Clifford Ronald Stanton III)
-The founder and CEO of the GenTech corporation,A world leader in the field of genetic technologies.When his own body began to mysteriously fail him,Cliff turned to the best scientists and engineers on his staff,in the hopes of finding a cure.Unable to do so,the engineers devised a cybernetic suit that would give Cliff continued mobility.The suit combined with some experimental immunity boosting drugs failed to halt the diseases progress.Subsequently,Cliff has had to have several major organs replaced by state if the art artificial ones,an must constantly wear a cybernetic body suit to monitor and maintain his organs.With each operation Cliff becomes more machine than man. Unwilling to adhere to the strict rules of the FDA regarding the introduction of new drugs and radioactive treatments,Stanton performed secret tests on a group of students.Four of the test subjects developed extraordinary abilities.A series of mishaps exsposed the Secret testing,and the entire project was appropiated by the U.S. government.Stanton was never implicated in the unlawful activities. After having made some unauthorized (and deadly) modifications to his cyber-suit,Stanton began calling himself Cyberon. Convinced that the members of Vanguard possess the genetic material needed to cure his condition,Cliff has become obsessed with their capture. "These children are ruining my name,my reputation,my company,threatening to undo everything that I have worked so hard to achieve.....I must destroy them,before they destroy me."-Cliff.