Real name:Elizabeth Mays
Known aliases:Mayfly
Occupation:Guidance Counselor
Base of operations: Newburgh City
Group affiliations:Hero Force (reserve), former member of The Colony

History:Damselfly is the only HF member with a criminal record. She was once a member of The Colony, A group of insect inspired villains lead by The Killer Wasp. Elizabeth Mays was known as an expert thief when she joined the Colony.Outfitted by The Killer Wasp, with a flight harness and stun gun,she called herself Mayfly. She was immediately sent to steal a newly developed shrinking device from Microcom Industries.With the shrinking device Elizabeth could become just 5 1/2 inches tall. At this size, she was able to commit the greatest robberies of her career. No security system could keep her out. The Killer Wasp had loftier goals for her protege. Mayfly was to infiltrate The Hero Force Headquarters and steal their greatest secrets.She was eventually detected by the HF security system and captured by the Hero Force. Elizabeth, fearing a long imprisonment, told the HF of Killer Wasps plot. Infuriated by the betrayal, Killer Wasp sent a swarm of deadly insects to kill Elizabeth before she could reveal more secrets. The HF fought the swarm the best they could,allowing Elizabeth to escape in the confusion.Before she could get far,she was confronted by Killer Wasp,who mercilessly blasted her with an electro-magnetic sting. She survived the attack, but the shrinking device was damaged,leaving Elizabeth permanently 5 1/2 inches tall. She agreed to help the Hero Force bring down The Colony. During her trial she turned State's Evidence against the other Colony members.The Judge also received a request for leniency from several members of the HF.
As part of her parole agreement, Elizabeth must counsel other ex-convicts at a halfway facility.She was offered Reserve Member status after she assisted the Hero Force during a prison riot in Newburgh.She abandoned the MayFly identity and adopted the codename Damselfly.

Powers:No super human powers,but Damselfly's small size makes her the perfect candidate for reconaissance missions.

Weapons:Damselfly is armed with a neuro-electric pulse gun and flight harness.

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