Current Membership: Atomic Defender, Nightbird, Swift,
Ultra Girl
Reserve Membership: Blue Beacon, Damselfly, Marine Man, Sno-Fox
Honoray Membership: Atomic Girl, Ladybird(deceased),
Mr. Victory
Base of operations: Force Mountain,located several miles outside Metro City

History:When The Swift encountered four Elemental Giants in Midvale City,he knew he would need help. He quickly set out to recruit other heroes to combat the threat.With the help of Atomic Defender, Ultra girl and Marine Man ,Swift was able to defeat the Elemental Giants. They agreed that day to assist each other whenever possible.The Hero Force, as they began calling themselves, wasn't an official group until Atomic Defender secured a headquarters.A converted brownstone in the Bradhurst district of Metro City would be the team's home for several years. They were soon joined by new members Blue Beacon and Nightbird. Three female members (Atomic Girl, Damselfly and Sno-Fox) were added to the team a short time later.Mr. Victory's membership status is pending,due to the fact thet he is unable to clearly establish his true identity. Nightbird's former partner,Ladybird was given an honorary membership post-mortem.
The HF's greatest defeat came in the form of a terrorist attack.Several bombs destroyed Two Towers Plaza, killing hundreds of individuals.This tragic event would change the Team forever.When public sentiment toward the team grew hostile, The Force relocated to its present HQ inside Force Mountain.Feeling somewhat isolated from those they are sworn to protect,The Force has recently tried to regain the Public trust.

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