Real name:James Warren
Known aliases:None
Base of operations:(currently incarcerated) Newburgh Prison
Group affiliations:None

History:James Warren always felt inferior to his younger brother Christopher. Although james got better grades, was an accomplished athlete and popular in school,his parents always seemed to favor his younger sibling.While Christopher dropped out of College, James continued on ,recieving several degrees in various feilds of study. This did not seem to persuade his parents affection for Chris.when James discovered that Christopher had been leading a double life, he intended to use that information and tell their parents. But when the time came to reveal the secret, he couldn't bring himself to do it. Some months later ,Christopher announced to the family that he was joining Chicago's superteam The Challengers,they we're delighted to have a real live Hero in the family. James decided he would become a hero too!

After long months of searching he finally got a lead to a place known as the Power Station.The Power Station is in the questionable business of granting individuals superpowers. It was determined that James possessed dormant genes that held the ability to generate electricity.The process used to trigger the genes affected James's memory. Now he was unclear of his original plans to become a hero. He could only think of destroying his brother. He adopted the name and costume of Jolt.

He eventually confronted his brother and the other Challengers. During the battle James taunted Christopher about his hidden sexual orientation. This enraged Chris causing him to lunge at James.The energies of the two brothers, reacted violently.They were both knocked unconcious.

James Warren is now imprisoned in Newburgh Maximum Security Prison.

Powers:Jolt can generate and manipulate electric currents. He can also convert the lower half of his body into an electric form.In this form Jolt can travel vast distances at incredible speeds.He can also affect and disrupt electric powered maechanisms.


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