Kid Victory

Real name:Russell Gaines
Known aliases:Rusty-"the kid victory"
Occupation:Student/Store clerk
Base of operations:Eastgate City
Group affiliations:The Young Defenders

History:Russell is the partner of the WWII super-patriot, Mr. Victory.It was Russell who first encountered Mr. Victory in a dazed and confused state shortly after the bombing of Two Towers Plaza. Russell helped Mr. Victory regain his memory by showing old comic books featuring the legendary hero. In return for Russell's help Mr. Victory offered to train him, in the hopes that one day Russell might one day replace him as Mr. Victory.

Powers:No superhuman abilities, but the training and advice that Russell has recieved from such an experienced hero,as Mr. Victory has been invaluable. Kid Victory is in excellent athletic shape for someone his age.

Weapons:Kid Victory uses a shield composed of tempered Vanadium alloy.In addition to its conventional uses,the shield can also be programmed by Kid-Vic using a computerized interface in his gauntlet.Once programmed the sheild can carry out the most intricate maneuvers.
*The shield,which is virtually indestructable, was a gift from Nightbird.

First appearance:The Young Defenders