La Gata

Real name:Marta Flores Rodriguez
Known aliases:None
Base of operations:Eastgate City
Group affiliations:The Young Defenders

History:While interning at the Law firm of Byrne,Silvestri and Greene, Marta discovered the costume and diary of La Gata( a hero who hadn't been seen publicly since the 80's) Marta had hoped to learn the whereabouts of the missing heroine,but the final diary entry left no clues.
When Marta's brother was murdered by a gang controlled by drug lord Juan De Soto, She sought revenge disguised ans the new La gata! She soon found herself in over her head and had to be rescued by Nightbird.For reasons known only to him , Nightbird offered to train the amature heroine.

Powers:No super-human powers.Armed with clawed gloves and a natural cat-like agility, La gata is a fierce and ferocious fighter.

Weapons:Clawed gloves that can be used for climbing as well as slashing an opponents face.

First appearance:The Young Defenders #1
Original LA GATA


Real Name: Marta Flores
Occupation: Researcher for private law firm.
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth: Gainesville, Florida
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: Jose Flores(father), Aida Flores(mother), Ramon Flores(brother, deceased)
Group Affiliation: None
Base of Operations: South Bronx, New York
First Appearance: LEGACY UNLIMITED #1
Height: 5' 6"
Eyes: Green
Hair: Dark Brown

BACKGROUND: Jose Flores moved his family to New York for treatment of a rare kidney disorder he was found to have. The operation put him out of work for several years. The financial strain on the family on the family was becoming very apparent. As the oldest and only male child, Ramon Flores felt a responsibility to help the family make ends meet. He tried several odd jobs but was eventually fired from them all, for one reason or another. He soon turned to selling drugs although he knew it was wrong, he also knew it was a sure means of helping his family's financial situation. One evening when accompanying his younger sister Marta home from a party. He was stabbed and killed by several of the kids that sold drugs with him, because of a dispute.

Shocked and confused by the incident, Marta became very introvertive. She seldom left the house, and never at night. Her parents encouraged her to take a gymnastics class as a means to meet other people and make friends. She did and found that she enjoyed gymnastics. She excelled in every aspect of the sport. Winning both medals and acceptance from her peers, she soon found courage to pursue other endeavors. She decided to work as a researcher for the Connor and Milken law firm.

One day while researching a case, she came across an old newspaper clipping of a mysterious crime fighter known as "The Cat". She was intrigued by the story and decided to find out all she could about the Cat. Most of the stories revolved around the Cat and her war against drugs during the seventies. Her research also revealed that the Cat had been killed and her true identity was never found.

This coupled with the death of her brother would be her inspiration to assume the identity of La Gata.