Real name:Daniel Collins
Known aliases:None
Occupation:Aquatic engineer/ Inventor
Base of operations:Bayside City
Group affiliations:Hero Force

History:Daniel Collins was heavily involved with The Oceanus Project( the world's first underwater research center ), when funding for the project was pulled. Prior arrangements had allowed Daniel to retain the patents to all things designed under the project.He had hoped to possibly make money on a "self-contained" scuba suit he had invented,but first he wanted to test it.Unwilling to risk the life of a volunteer, he chose to test the prototype himself. While putting the suit through its various paces,Daniel picked up a distress signal from a nearby cruise ship.He feared that the Coastguard would not be able to respond in time. Daniel decided to use the suit to aid the ship and it's passengers.He expected to find the ship sinking,but instead he discovered that the ship was being hi-jacked by modern-day pirates. Only by using his knowledge of the suit and all its capabilities,was Daniel able to overcome the hi-jackers.The suit functioned perfectly.The passengers told reporters of a mysterious "marine man " that saved them.
Days before Daniel was to present the prototype to possible buyers he had the opportunity to use the suit again. Civic City's super-heroine, Ultra girl was in a battle with Mako Manshark in Bayside . When Mako escaped into the bay, Marine Man was able to follow. Eventually the three ended up on Harbor Island,where Ultra Girl and Marine Man captured Mako. Ultra Girl thanked him and said that she was happy to know that Bayside City had a new hero it could count on.That day Daniel decided not to sell the suit. He would use it for a higher purpose.
Marine Man and Ultra Girl would work together again on Hero Force's first mission against The Elemental Giants.
Marine Man was the first HF member to be critically injured in action.This made the remaining members consider imposing a "powers only" policy for all future members. Despite this Nightbird was allowed to replace Marine Man while he recovered.

Powers:Daniel Collins possesses no super human powers. All of his abilities come from his suit.The suit has a face mask that contains micro-filters.These allow the wearer to extract oxygen from water. The suit also contains a servo-skeleton in the arms and legs.This allows the wearer increased mobility while submerged.While on land the servo-skeleton can be used to lift heavy objects, deliver powerful blows or jump long distances. Audio recievers allow Marine Man to pick up radio signals and hear sounds outside the normal human hearing range.Refactory lenses facilitate vision underwater and allow Marine Man to see in the darkest waters. An amp-vox located near the throat allows Marine Man to speak while submerged. Two small Aqua-jets can be found on the back of Marine Man's belt.Control mechanisms for the suit's various functions can also be found on the belt.
When Marine Man's original and only)suit was destroyed in the battle that left him critically injured, Daniel had to find a new way to become Marine Man.With the help of his Lab assistant he invented Oxinex. The small pink pill allows Daniel to function underwater ,by oxygenating his blood.The higher oxygen level in the bloodstream also gives Marine Man increased stamina and strentgh. The effects of Oxinex are temporary lasting only a couple of hours.


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