Real Name: Karen Malone

Occupation: Ex-Police Officer, now agent of Project Nightshade-NYPD

Identity: Secret

Other Aliases: None

Place of Birth:New York city, New York

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Thomas Malone(father, deceased), Mary Malone(mother, deceased)

Group Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: NIGHTSHADE #1

Height: 5' 8"

Eyes: Purple

Hair: Burgundy



BACKGROUND:  Karen Malone was born, the only child to Thomas and Mary Malone.  Thomas was a police officer of many years and had risen to the rank of sgt. Mary was killed when Karen was only six by a man who Thomas had put in jail. This left Thomas alone with Karen, and he became very overprotective. Karen grew up and against her fathers wishes she became a police officer.

            She was constantly trying to make her father proud of her, and would volunteer to the most dangerous assignments, which got her noticed by the department high command.  The department was working on a secret drug that would heighten the strength and senses of police officer when they most needed it, but had no one who they could test it on. They thought Karen was the perfect candidate and they figured she would be willing as well as not being a security risk.

            Thomas Malone had risen to the rank of Captain and wouldn't allow them to approach her on the matter or even consider her for the project they would call Nightshade. Unfortunately Thomas was killed when the same man that killed his wife was released on parole.

            Eager to live up to her fathers good name Karen readily accepted when told of project Nightshade. She began getting doses of the drug until the side effects became evident. Her skin was turned blue and her eyes and hair also changed to irregular colors. The drug did apparently give her heightened powers(see ABILITIES) and she was given additional training at Combat City in Rodman's Neck in the Bronx. Since then she has been a secret operative of the police department as well as a semi-vigilante, which is frowned upon by the department command.


ABILITIES: Under normal conditions, Karen Malone is in the normal physical condition of a woman of her age and height, who exercises regularly. Her mind is linked to the needs of the city, which in turn increases her bodies metabolism and thus gives her greater physical strength, endurance and allows her body to heal quicker than that of an ordinary person.

            Karen Malone is trained as a police officer and knows several self defense methods. Her fighting style is a combination of various techniques which she has learned and becomes more aggressive as her metabolism speeds up.

            Karen Malone is also self trained in the art of knife throwing and usually carries a few with her at all times, although she reluctantly uses them, especially when innocent people are around because she has not yet perfected this skill. In addition to knives, she also carries throwing stars as used in the ninjitsu style of martial arts.