Real Name: Laura Daley
Identity: Secret
Other Aliases: None
Place of Birth:
Marital Status:
Known Relatives:
Group Affiliation: Vanguard
Base of Operations:
First Appearance:


-Discovered as an infant on an uncharted island ,of the coast of Madagascar ,by a team of biologists(posssibly working for Gentech???).The child who would later be named Laura was taken back to the United states and placed in an orphanage.She grew up in the system.She was often taunted by the other children for being different.It was one of these times when she first experienced just how different she was..The anxiety and fear caused by continous taunting,triggered a mutagenic change in Laura.She shifted into a semi-reptilian form.Using her sharp claws and teeth,she injured several children.frightened by her actions and new form laura fled the orphanage.She was eventually captured and taken to a research facility in Nevada where she could be tested and studied.She would remain there for the next 8 years.As she entered puberty, Laura's transformtions became more erratic and even more violent with each occurrence. One of the doctors had the idea of placing a post hypnotic suggestion in Laura's mind,making it impossible for her to transform without first snapping the fingers on her left hand.The suggestion also gives her a degree of control, by allowing part of Laura's human personality to remain intact while in her reptilian form. The Nevada Reserch center was destroyed by an armored assailant(guess who?) Who was seeking to capture Laura for unknown reasons.Laura ultimately escaped,making her way to New York.She sought the help of Vanguard,who by this time had become Media celebrities.Knowing the loneliness and fear associated with being different the team offered her a safe place to stay and protection from possible future attacks. In return Laura offered her services to the team.She adopts the codename:Snapdragon. Laura in human form,is quiet and reserved.As,Snapdragon she is a ferocious fighter and has a dark sense of humor.She is incredibly strong and has a nearly invulnerable, leathery hide.Her claws can rend metal.And her thick tail can be used as a formidable weapon.Her sense of smell,hearing and eyesight are all above normal. Syntax fears that Laura spends too much time in reptilian form.He encourage her to interact with the team more as her human self.(something he wishes he could do.) Laura and Mindy are often relegated to "standby" status.Neutron refuses to send the two young,untrained members into combat situations.