Real name:Janice Oliver
Known aliases:None
Occupation:Biologist/ Security Guard
Base of operations:Arctic Circle, Alaska
Group affiliations:Hero Force

History: At birth it was believed that Janice Oliver suffered from a severe case of Hirsutism- a genetic condition that causes humans to develope excessive amounts of body hair.Further investigation revealed that this was not the case.Janice's "condition" is far more than simple hair growth.Her Human genetic code is inter-laced with the genetics of the Arctic Fox. How this could be possible is still unclear. Janice likes to joke that her mother had a "one night stand" with the Abominable Snowman. (Her real father is unknown)
She spent most of her youth in labs and clinics being tested and observed.She did manage to get a top rate education from tutors.She was an eager student and often asked questions of the Scientists who studied her.Eventually she went to College and earned a degree in Biologic Sciences.She was offered a job at Biro Laboratories,but soon found the job tedious.When an opportunity came to work at Biro's new facility The ARC (Arctic Research Center)in Alaska, Janice took it! She was happy with the transfer,but soon the old boredoms set in and Janice was ready to leave Biro altogether. One night a reseach team failed to report in Janice volunteered to act as a one woman search team.She managed to track the team down and bring them home safely.Her bravery garnered her awards and a new offer from Biro.They wanted her to head the security department at The ARC.She accepted. The Hero Force, after hearing about her heroic actions and abilities contacted her and offered her membership to the team.Unable to accept a full-time position (due to her commitments to The ARC), she happily accepted a reserve member status.

Powers:Janice Oliver was born with naturally acute senses, excellent reflexes and agility. She also has a high tolerance for cold and is quite comfortable in sub-zero temperatures.

Weapons:Sno-Fox's primary weapons are her retractable claws,which can be used to slash an opponent.

(Oh...and her cutting wit!)

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