Real name:Tyrone Greene
Known aliases:None
Occupation:Phys-Ed Teacher (Midvale High)
Base of operations:Midvale City
Group affiliations:Hero Force

History: Tyrone Greene was once an Olympic Track and Field hopeful.The pride of Midvale High. His self-doubt lead to him taking performance enhancing drugs.When his actions were discovered,he was banned from Olympic sports forever. Tyson returned to Midvale, not as the medal-winner he had hoped to be but, disgraced and embarrassed. He was able to return to school and use the scholarships he didn't have to return. Eventually he earned a degree in Education and began teaching Physical Education at Midvale High School. He thought teaching would be a good way to give back to the community he had let down.But it wasn't enough. He wanted to do more.
Tyrone had been keeping a secret. The drugs he took during the Olympic trials, had affected his metabolism in a profound way.He was able to move at incredible speeds.Inspired by an article ,in METRO magazine, about The Atomic Defender Tyrone would become Midvale's first Super-hero. He used a more "adult" form of the nickname he had as a kid."Swifty" would become The Swift!
As the Swift, Tyrone is able to give back to the world much more than he ever could as Mr.Greene, P.E.Teacher. He and the other members of Hero Force have saved Midvale and the surrounding areas of the Metroplex countless times.

Powers:The Swift can move,run,think and speak at incredible speeds.As he moves through the air a "buffer" feild is generated that reduces friction and acts a protective barrier by absorbing the impact of any unplanned collisions.He can reached speeds just up to 365 MPH.However he can only maintain this top speed over short distances.He prefers a "crusing" speed of about 180-200 MPH.


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