Ultra Girl
Saturn Boy
Galaxy Girl
Miniture Lass
Micro Lad
Sato, the dog
Cosmic Girl
Liberty Lad
2-D Kid

Cassie Sommers had been active as Ultra girl for about a year ,before her secret was discovered by four orphans (NAMES) from Sunny Hills.They threatened to reveal her secret if she didn't allow them to go on patrol with her.She reluctantly agreed, with the hopes that no serious situations would arise. The five teens (along with a dog,Sadie) set out to survey the city.For the most part the evening was uneventful. On the way home Ultra Girl's highly sensitive hearing picked up a strange sound. She tracked the signal, thinking it might be an alarm going off.Eventually the group ended up at the partially completed Metro Dome Stadium ( future home of the Metro City Metropolitans).

The source of the signal was a small device.Ultra Girl cautioned the others not to go anywhere near it. At that moment the dog, Sadie ,sniffed the device.When the animals nose touched the surface ,the device let out a burst of energy

Ultra girl seemed unaffected by the weird energy,but the others..... started to manifest stranger powers than hers.( NAME ) was now able to emit rings of plasma from his hands, (NAME) could tap into the energy of the stars, and the twins, (NAMES) could both now shrink down to just a few inches tall.

just as they were discovering their new abilities, an alien named K'mandar teleported to their location. He was angry that they had used the device,that he called the Evolutionary Accelerator.K'mandar explained that the device had fallen from his ship and that the signal it was emitting was meant to help him locate the missing item.He then told the group that they would have to go with him until he could figure out a way to retrieve the evolutionary energy, that was rightfully his. He aimed a weapon at them and ordered them to his ship.

Ultra girl moved to disarm him but was blasted by his gun . The ray knocked her unconscious.The others were left to deal with K'mandar on their own. The lone Alien was no match for the newly powered teenagers. Together they forced the alien to teleport back to his ship.

Within weeks They would all adopt costumed identities. Saturn Boy, Galaxy Girl,Micro Lad and Miniature Lass would join Ultra Girl on all her patrols. They would become the very first super-team in the LHU,,,The Teen Legion!

The Teen Legion would continue operating from the Sunny Hills orphanage, until they all reached 18.Then the group moved into an abandoned warehouse on the docks of Baxter Bay in Eastgate City.They soon added new members. -Inviso,Liberty Lad, 2D-Kid, Cosmic Girl,Fireball and Kit-Fox. The titanic teens would take on the greatest challenges and always were victorious.The teams arch-enemy Hypnos,constantly opposed them.They approached every mission with a sense of fun and adventure. Their greatest defeat would come at the hands of the Omni-bot. When the rogue mechanoid fired a nuclear device toward the sun,Cosmic Girl sacrificed herself to stop it.Her death would signal the end of the Teen Legion.

Ultra Girl believed that they hadn't taken their responsibility serious enough and that they had become careless.She disbanded the team and they all went their separate ways. *(Inviso and Fire-ball would team-up with another hero ,Prism ,to form the Tri-Fighters.)

The original Teen Legion members would meet again 10 years later,when K'mandar lures them all back to the Metro Dome and tries to absorb their powers.Now adults, they decide use new costumes and code names- Fusion, Galaxia,Micro and Elfin along with Ultra Woman reunite to defeat K'mandar.

As far as Ultra Woman is concerned this is a one shot mission . She returns to her Ultra Girl identity and costume.The others decide to continue as The Legion. They also decide to train younger heroes. Phantom Lili and Sprite are their first new members.Things prove not to be as easy the second time around.The new team is plagued with infighting and distractions from their ultimate goals.The Legion does not last.

A few years ago The old Teen Legion headquarters was purchased by Jason (Nightbird) Boyd.He had the idea to form a new team of youthful heroes ,who could one day take the place of the aging members in Hero Force.The dock-side warehouse would become the new base for The Young Defenders.

Recently Inviso has resurfaced as an Agent of the newly formed NSA -funded team, The N-siders.