Four young college students enrolled in a scientific test, all for their own reasons. While under these experiments, they were exposed to a secret Vanguard Ray. Under these conditions these four kids, as well as one unsuspecting computer operator, gained supra-human abilities. They now fight crime under the auspicies of the government, and have taken the name of that ray and called themselves Vanguard.

the origin-After volunteering for,what they believed to be, an experimental drug trial,four students(Michael Donovan,Heather Simms,Jeff Robertson and Sylvia Perez)developed extraordinary powers.

(Micheal Donovan)
Founding Member
-The strongest member physically and obvious choice for "leader" of the group.He does however,have deep resignations about sending his friends into dangerous situations.He often feels isolated from his team mates,his radioactive physiology and subsequent containment suit,makes physical contact impossible.

(Heather Simms)
Founding Member
The only masked member of the group,heather must keep her identity hidden from her father(A New York state senator).Being raised as the daughter of an aspiring political figure,did not allow her many "adventures" growing up.Heather enjoys the freedom her new "identity" provides her.

(Jeffrey Robinson)
Founding Member
)-raised in a large family,so being part of a "team" is natural for him.He is the most enthusiatic about being part of Vanguard.Possibly the heart and soul of the team.Jeff uses humor to get through almost any situation.He is adept at electronics and has a vast knowledge of computers.He is fascinated by Syntax.

(Sylvia Perez)
Founding Member
care free and fearless.An only child raised by her puerto rican mother,Sylvia has never known her African-american father.She generally distrusts men when it comes to matters of the heart.She feels that ability to fly is a poor addition to the team during combat.To compensate ,Sylvia has trained in martial arts and has adopted the use of weapons.Appointed "team scout",she usually coordinates re-con missions,due to her superior eye sight and attention to detail.

(Real Name Unknown)
Founding Member
an asian data entry clerk whose conciousness was absorbed into the vast computer network of the GenTech building, located on roosevelt island."He" is instrumental in helping the members of Vanguard explore the limits and limitations of their new abilities.He and Jeff have designed many of the electronic devices that the team uses.He cares a great deal for the team and is secretly working on a way to possibly reverse the effects of the Vanguard ray.

just to finish off the team roster: Of the three remaining members only Moray has a direct connection to Gentech(and possibly the Vanguard ray)

:(maureen beecham)
-discovered in an abandoned area of the Gentech building,Moray seems to have been bred as a hybrid using Human and Eel genetics.Her "brother" (Mark beecham)was also created using similar genetic techniques(see:Mako the man-shark)Mako's whereabouts are unknown.They were created as part of Gentech's development for cancer cures.Eels were used because of their ability to generate theraputic bio-electric fields.Sharks were used due to their resistance to various forms of cancer.It is generally believed tht Dr. Henry Beecham,creator of the genetic splicing technique (and genetic donor for the project) committed suicide shortly after the project's funding was discontined.Syntax has discovered conflicting information to this account.Moray has "joined " the team in exchange for access to the vast amount of information available to her,the team has agreed to help her locate the truth about her father and to help her locate her missing brother.Moray gives the team a much needed boost,physically.On land, the powerful muscles used for swimming,give Moray great strength.She can breath both air and water(with gills located directly under her ears along her jaw-line.)Her eyes are designed to see in very dark waters.She can also generate a bio-electric field using glands located underneath her arm pits.The glands can generate a maximum current of 450 volts.each successive charge is exponetially weaker.Moray must allow time for "recharging".She is reserved and dedicated to her mission.This same drive and dedication will ultimately lead to her taking a leave of absence,to persue one of Syntax's leads on her fathers disappearence.

:(Mindy McCoy)
-A runaway teen living in Central Park,Mindy was struck down by a fallen powerline,during the Crossroads Event.She was found and rescued by Telestar.His first attempt to teleport her to safety was painful and unsuccessful.Fearing that his powers were failing Telestar decided to transport her to Vanguard Tower.Hoping that Syntax could evaluate him and help this casualty of the Crossroad Event.Syntax discovered that Mindy had absorbed a massive amount of electricity ,and somehow her body was now acting as a sort of generator/battery.She remained in a coma for the duration of Crossroads,monitored by Syntax. Mindy not having a family that she could return to (or is unwilling to return to) Is drawn to the security that the team provides.She is streetsmart and saavy.A quick study and has taken to her new abilities quite readily.Tesla can generate and store vast amounts of electricity.Her reaction time and reflexes are fster than normal.She is even able to move at "lightining" speeds for short periods of time. Syntax does not know if her electric producing powers are a normal state for her or if some how her earlier exposure to Telestar triggered the ability.Tesla is perhaps the only member who is quite happy having Meta abilities,and has no desire to be "normal" again.She joins the team after Morays departure. Morays departure again leaves the team lacking a powerhouse.....

(Laura Daley)
-Discovered as an infant on an uncharted island ,of the coast of Madagascar ,by a team of biologists(posssibly working for Gentech???).The child who would later be named Laura was taken back to the United states and placed in an orphanage.She grew up in the system.She was often taunted by the other children for being different.It was one of these times when she first experienced just how different she was..The anxiety and fear caused by continous taunting,triggered a mutagenic change in Laura.She shifted into a semi-reptilian form.Using her sharp claws and teeth,she injured several children.frightened by her actions and new form laura fled the orphanage.She was eventually captured and taken to a research facility in Nevada where she could be tested and studied.She would remain there for the next 8 years.As she entered puberty, Laura's transformtions became more erratic and even more violent with each occurrence. One of the doctors had the idea of placing a post hypnotic suggestion in Laura's mind,making it impossible for her to transform without first snapping the fingers on her left hand.The suggestion also gives her a degree of control, by allowing part of Laura's human personality to remain intact while in her reptilian form. The Nevada Reserch center was destroyed by an armored assailant(guess who?) Who was seeking to capture Laura for unknown reasons.Laura ultimately escaped,making her way to New York.She sought the help of Vanguard,who by this time had become Media celebrities.Knowing the loneliness and fear associated with being different the team offered her a safe place to stay and protection from possible future attacks. In return Laura offered her services to the team.She adopts the codename:Snapdragon. Laura in human form,is quiet and reserved.As,Snapdragon she is a ferocious fighter and has a dark sense of humor.She is incredibly strong and has a nearly invulnerable, leathery hide.Her claws can rend metal.And her thick tail can be used as a formidable weapon.Her sense of smell,hearing and eyesight are all above normal. Syntax fears that Laura spends too much time in reptilian form.He encourage her to interact with the team more as her human self.(something he wishes he could do.) Laura and Mindy are often relegated to "standby" status.Neutron refuses to send the two young,untrained members into combat situations.

There is still the matter of the Gravity Girl
(Nikki Faye)
story:While never an actual member of Vanguard, Nikki was an aspiring superhero who was thrilled to have had the opportunity to work with her idols.During a 6th grade class trip,The school bus carrying Nikki's class was struck by an oncoming vehicle.Nikki along with the driver and several other students were thrown clear.The bus was now positioned on the edge of the bridge.The remaining occupants were unable to move for fear of toppling the bus.Nikki had been aware of her ability to affect gravity for several years now.She kept her powers a secret and dreamed of one day joining Vanguard.She carried a costume and called herself Gravity Girl.She used her powers to break her fall and during the commotion slipped away to change into costume. Nikki Knew that if she could just hold the bus up long enough that help would arrive eventually.The weight of the bus and its occupants was more than the damaged bridge could handle .It gave way and the bus began to fall.Nikki had never tried to affect such a large object before and was unable to stop the bus from falling,however she was able to slow the bus's descent, before she was crushed by falling debris .Vanguard arrived in time to rescue the students from the wreckage.Nikki's body was mangled but she was still alive.She was happy to meet the team,but apologized for having failed at saving the bus from falling.Neutron assured her that her actions probably saved everyone on the bus.He even suggested that she come train with the team after she was released from the hospital,and with time she would make a great heroine.But that was not to be.Three days later Neutron learned that Nikki Faye had died in the hospital from internal injuries she sustained while being buried.After a long silence Michael Donovan ,recalling his little sister back in Iowa, cried.