The LegacyHero Universe has been in the making for some 25 years.This is my first attempt at putting the characters and events that make up the LHU , into a comprehensive chronology.

Guide to The LegacyHero Universe

A brief history

The first modern record of superhuman activity in the LHU wasThe Freedom Man.
Jim Dandy was a runaway slave turned liberator.His exploits have been passed down through folktales and songs.He is told to have been able to out run a horse,break iron shackles with his bare hands, lift heavy boulders,topple trees and leap across rivers.How much these feats of strength have been exaggerated over the years is unclear
No significant superhuman activity until,Dale Danvers returns to America from the Orient in 1939. Using his vast fortune and the power of "ancient oriental mysticism",he becomes The Occultist.He vanishes from this reality prior to the start of WWII.
-In response to reports that the Nazis have created a super-patriot,A scientific branch of the NSA is created.

-Victor Sheilds is given a secret serum and becomes Mr.Victory.When Mr.Victory is lost behind enemy lines in Germany, A team of Allied Heroes is sent to rescue him.During the mission, Lady Liberty,The Fighting Irish,Madame Elektra, The American Eagle, Anthem and Glory are attacked by the Kreigerhund- genetically engineered "warhounds", designed by the nazis. Most of the heroes do not survive the battle.

-In Britain, Jack Skyler aka Sky Jack defends the airways over London.

-Stateside,The first non-government sponsored heroes begin to appear.Overshadowed by the war,These "mystery men"(and women) fail to gain national attention. Among them are
The Red Blazer,Johnny One-note, and The Silver Wraith.

Adam Deans begins his long career with the NSA as The Atomic Agent.

-In an attempt to expand the department,The Crimson Comet and The Baltimore Bullet are offered a position in the NSA-Special Ops Unit. They each decline.

-The Flying Fox
takes to the skies! He also turns down an offer from The NSA.

This decade sees the first major growth in Earth's superhuman population since the 1940's.

14 year old Cassandra Sommers becomes Ultra Girl and along with Saturn Boy,Galaxy Girl, Micro Lad and Miniature Lass, forms The Teen Legion.

The Atomic Agent quits the NSA and goes public as The Atomic Defender. He is soon joined by Atomic Girl.

The duo of Nightbird and Ladybird begin protecting Eastgate City.

The body of the Hispanic heroine La Gata is found decapitated in an alley.
The murder remains unsolved.

The final decade of the century experiences an explosion of superhuman activity.

- Ultra Girl joins the newly formed Galaxians.New heroes Emerald, SilverStreak and Starbird complete the team.

The mystical realm of Antarah makes contact with our dimension for the first time in centuries.

Nightbird and Ladybird retire to raise a family.

Three fashion models are abducted by Aliens and return to Earth with elemental powers.They call themselves Nature's Finest.

Research for The Vanguard Project begins at Gentech laboratories.

Karen Malone volunteers for Operation:NightShade

Ladybird is murdered by The Engineer.

After a brief solo career Ultra Girl joins heroines Alpha,Singe and Nautilus to form the first all female group, Equity.

In Australia,Kent and Lyla Rutger defend the "down-under" as Quantum and Quark

Nimbus,Shadowstar,Trailblazer,Pulsar,Dwarfstar and Jemma come back in time as
The Future Force

In New Salem,six mystically gifted youngsters form the coven Eldritch.

Five estranged siblings are brought together by a man claiming to be their father.They become The Calling.

Former prize-fighter,Rex Barton becomes the new Red Blazer

In Louisiana, Garvey Meeks is ressurected by the mysterious Ghost Moth.

-An inexperienced Swift seeks the assistance of The Atomic Defender,Ultra Girl and
Marine Man to help him stop four Elemental Giants .This is considered the "first mission" of ,what would soon become, The Hero Force.

With funding from the NSA, Atomic Defender creates The Force Foundation and uses it to cover operating costs for the newly formed Hero Force.

- The Hero Force roster is expanded to include Blue Beacon, Atomic Girl, Sno-Fox and Damselfly.

Inspired by the Hero Force,new teams begin appearing across the country. The Sentinels in Seattle,The Challengers in Chicago, and in Arizona The Raiders take up residence.

Nightbird comes out of retirement and joins Hero Force to replace the critically injured
Marine Man.

- The Hero Force fails to prevent the destruction of Two Towers Plaza in Metro City.
The team's credibility is called into question.

In Europe,Heroes from France,Great Britain, and Germany form The European Union

Jack Skyler III takes flight as the new Sky Jack.

A man claiming to be the original Mr. Victory is discovered wandering the streets of
Metro City by Russell Gaines.
Russell becomes Kid Victory.

Senator Harold Simms proposes the PARA-proposition.
If PARA is passed,it would bring all superhuman activity under the direct control of the NSA.
Support for the law is high.

- Under pressure, The Hero Force leaves Metro City.
The team relocates to a mountain-based headquarters.
It is dubbed Force Mountain.

- Marta Rodriguez discovers the costume and diary of the original La Gata.
She assumes the identity.

-Nightbird is partnered with a new Ladybird.

Calling themselves The Young Defenders; Ladybird, Kid Victory, La Gata, Iron Butterfly and El Coqui fill-in for The Hero Force while the team is off world,battling
The Unified Mind.

- The defunct Vanguard Project is revisited and perfected.The discovery makes
Gentech Labs one of the most powerful corporations in the world.

"Rogue" DNA is acquired and a genetic clone of Ultra Girl is created.

North America is invaded by The Alien Alliance lead by The T'ndrill.

Seeking help from The Hero Force,a team of para-normal resistance fighters journeys back in time as The Future Force.