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Double Feature Comics No.0 (vol.1) Double Feature Comics is a joint publishing venture between Elektrika Studios and Legacy Brand Comics, Inc.

"A Guy is Fighting a Monster Out of Nowhere..." is an anthology that was created at the branches of the Providence Community Library, as part of The Providence Comics Consortium. It features the artwork of 46 kids and 20 adult comic artists (including Legacy's own Eric Lamont).

Arcadia Anthology #1 is a Collective of independent comic book artists (including Legacy's own Eric Lamont), who have come together to produce the bi-monthly series 'The Arcadia Anthology' and other related titles under the Arcadia Comics banner.
Arcadia Anthology #2 (vol. 1)
Arcadia Anthology #3 vol. 1
Arcadia Anthology #4
Arcadia Anthology #5
Arcadia Anthology #1 Vol 2
Arcadia Anthology #2 Vol 2
Arcadia Anthology #3 Vol 2

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